Why Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas A&M Underperform

What do Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Texas A&M have in common?

Aside from being four of the most iconic programs in all of college football, all four have come up short by this point in 2022.

Earlier this season, Notre Dame (5), Texas A&M (6), and Oklahoma (9) were all ranked in the top 10 of the Preseason AP Top 25 poll. The Longhorns did not start the season ranking, but advanced early to 21st.

Now in Week 9 of the campaign, the four teams are 16-13 combined, with Texas holding the best record of the group at 5-3.

FOX Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt provided an in-depth look at all four shows on the latest episode of The Joel Klatt Show.

Klatt looked at what had gone wrong with each broadcast up to that point and debated if they could hit back and do a bowl game.


recording: 5-3 (3-2)

Best win: The Longhorns defeated Oklahoma 49-0 in Week 6.

Worst Loss: The Longhorns lost to national enemy Texas Tech 37-34 after leading 31-17 late in the third quarter.

What is holding her back?: attention to detail

Remaining schedule: in Kansas State, against No. 7 TCU, in Kansas, against Baylor

Klatt’s take: “Greatness is realized through attention to detail, and right now Texas is falling a bit short. It’s gotta be frustrating for a fanbase that feels like they have the talent to be 7-1 or 8-0 and so on The abyss of a Big 12 title and maybe even a playoff spot. But here they are at 5-3 and they’re thinking, “Now let’s go again.”

“This is still a team that I think will win most of their games over the course of the year. If they fix some of those little details, you’re likely to see a team that will come in at eight, nine, maybe even 10 wins.”

Will the Texas Longhorns end the season strong?

Will the Texas Longhorns end the season strong?

Joel Klatt reviews the Texas Longhorns’ (5-3) season so far and discusses his predictions for the rest of their season.


recording: 4-3

Best win: The Fighting Irish achieved a 28-20 win over No. 16 BYU in Week 6.

Worst Loss: Note that in Week 2 Dame lost to Marshall 26-21.

What is holding her back?: Injuries at key positions

Remaining schedule: at #16 Syracuse, vs. #5 Clemson, vs. Navy, vs. Boston College, at #10 USC

Klatt’s take: “Things didn’t go that way, but here they evolve, get better and try to control the controls. If they can run the ball like they did the last three or four games, then they’ll win three or four more games and go to a bowl game.

“The year is starting to improve, so I’m not as worried about Notre Dame as maybe some are.”

Should Notre Dame fans be concerned?

Should Notre Dame fans be concerned?

Joel Klatt analyzes Notre Dame’s season and believes the team is making steady progress.


recording: 4-3 (1-3)

Best win: The Sooners win a 52-42 win over Kansas.

Worst Loss: Oklahoma was shut out by rival Texas 49-0 in Week 6.

What is holding her back?: The defence

Remaining schedule: in the state of Iowa, against Baylor, in West Virginia, against state #9, Oklahoma, at Texas Tech

Klatt’s take: “Oklahoma desperately needs to improve on defense and that is by far the biggest problem. They’ve conceded 40+ points in four straight games…all league games. Part of that is because the Big 12 are very good offensively, but they have to fix that. The problem is that their coach, despite being a first-time head coach and a new first-year coach at this location, is what he likes best… Brent Venables has made his name as both a defensive coordinator at OU and Clemson Comes he in and OU is bad on defense.

“Oklahoma needs two wins to go into a bowl. Do you think they will get this? Me, yes. Even if defense improves just a little, with Dillon Gabriel as quarterback, this is still a top-25 overall offense. This is a team that’s going to end up having those two wins and end up being a bowl team, and I think that’s good for Oklahoma.”

Can Oklahoma end its season strong? | Joel Klatt show

Can Oklahoma end its season strong?  |  Joel Klatt show

Joel Klatt talks about the Oklahoma Sooners and whether they can end their season strong.


recording: 3-4 (1-3)

Best win: The Aggies defeated then-No. 10 Arkansas 23-21 in Week 4.

Worst Loss: Ranked 6th in Week 2 of the season, Texas A&M fell 17-14 to Appalachian State.

What is holding her back?: Suspensions, injuries, lack of execution in offense

Remaining schedule: vs. No. 15 Ole Miss, vs. Florida, at Auburn, vs. UMASS, vs. No. 18 LSU

Klatt’s opinion: “Texas A&M is in a really bad place. They’re much closer to 1-6 than 6-3. They’re just not a very good team at the moment. It has to get better somehow, somehow.

“If you look at the rest of their schedule they need three wins but this is not a team that is showing signs of growth. This is not a first year coach. This isn’t a coach where his side of the ball excels. It’s falling behind miserably.

“There are programs that have hope that have been disappointing, and then there are programs that don’t really have hope. Right now for Texas A&M, I don’t know if they have any hope.”

Texas A&M: Is there hope for the Aggies?

Texas A&M: Is there hope for the Aggies?

Joel Klatt talks about the Texas A&M Aggies (3-4) and if they can recover and make a bowl game.

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