Winsight’s restaurant business is ranked among the top 100 independent restaurants

CHICAGO, November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning trade publication restaurant operation has released its 2022 Top 100 Independents list, an annual ranking of the top-grossing independent restaurants in the United States

RB took a year off from compiling the Top 100 due to the pandemic, and this year’s comeback list contains a few surprises. Several long-standing award winners were not admitted due to closures or unusually low sales, and there were also some notable newcomers.

“This year’s top 100 restaurants is as diverse a group as any in the history of the ranking,” he said Jonathan Labyrinth, restaurant operation editor-in-chief. “These include trendy upscale restaurants with rooftop bars, high-priced experience concepts, grill places and even a restaurant in an old, converted grain mill and all imaginable prices. These restaurants emerged from the pandemic by evolving their businesses to keep up with evolving customer demands and tastes. And they are stronger for that.”

The 2022 Top 100 served and generated 272 million meals in the past year $1.8 billion in the sale. Among the cities with the highest number of top 100 restaurants Chicago, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, NYC and Las Vegas.

Only restaurant concepts with five or fewer locations are considered “independent” within the meaning of this list. Ranking is based on gross sales of food and beverages in 2021. Information was collected through surveys and where no data was provided, sales were estimated based on public information, similar concepts and other factors.

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Jonathan Labyrintheditor-in-chief, restaurant operation, Winsight LLC
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