Without debate, 7 News introduces the candidates for the 21st congressional district

WATER TOWN, New York (WWNY) – 7 News was unable to secure a debate between the candidates for the 21st congressional district. Democrat Matt Castelli agreed, but we couldn’t get approval from Republican Elise Stefanik.

Therefore we make two separate reports on the candidates. On Wednesday we will make a profile about Stefanik. We’ll be airing Castelli’s profile on Thursday.

“I’m proud to be celebrating my 2,000th event in this district. The voters know me. I worked very hard for my constituents and debated more in this district than anyone in modern history,” Stefanik said last week.

But not in 2022. Four media outlets, including WWNY and WPTZ in Plattsburgh, attempted to schedule debates.

Stefanik’s senior advisor, Alex Degrasse, is quoted in the Glens Falls Post-Star as saying, “The biased mainstream media disgracefully colluded with the downstate Democrat to ensure he didn’t have primary debates and then gave him that.” Be able to choose the date and time of a parliamentary debate yourself. ”

The Facts Are WWNY reached out to the Stefanik campaign on Aug. 10, asking for dates and times that worked for the congresswoman. We have not received any. Three weeks later, WWNY approached the Castelli campaign.

We sat with Congresswoman Stefanik at a small business owner luncheon last week where she said inflation is one of the biggest problems small business owners face. If she is re-elected and Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, Stefanik says she will seek to undo what she believes the American Rescue Act did.

“That means curbing the reckless spending that causes inflation to bring down the inflation rate that is crushing families. It means lowering energy prices to reduce gas bills and heating bills. Then make sure we have a secure supply chain here in the United States and aren’t dependent on China,” she said.

Alongside economic concerns, Congresswoman Stefanik says safety will be a priority in the first 100 days if Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives.

“Securing the southern border is an absolute crisis and it is affecting our district because the northern border police officers kept being transferred because of the crisis on our southern border,” she said.

Finally, looking to the future of the Republican Party, Stefanik says she will remain at the side of former President Donald Trump.

“I support President Trump. I hope he walks. I think he will,” she said.

If Stefanik’s name is included in this 2024 presidential ticket, she said, “I would be honored to serve in a future Trump administration. I’m focused on my job as Congressman for New York’s 21st District.”

The 21st congressional district is changing in 2023. It will exclude Watertown and most of Jefferson County. It will include six cities from Alexandria to Vilnius. It also includes all of St. Lawrence County and Lewis County spreading eastward.


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