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A green hat hacker is a person who is new to the world of computer security and hacking. They are often seen as the “newbies” of the hacker community and are eager to learn about computer security and all the tools and techniques associated with it. Green hat hackers are typically self-taught and lack the necessary knowledge and experience to be considered a professional hacker. Despite this, green hat hackers have a genuine interest in computer security and are willing to put in the effort to learn and hone their skills.

What Do Green Hat Hackers Do?

Green hat hackers are predominantly hobbyists and are focused on learning about computer security, hacking tools, and techniques. Their primary goal is to learn and hone their skills rather than do any malicious activities. As a result, green hat hackers tend to focus on ethical hacking, which involves using their skills to test the security of a company’s computer systems and networks. They may also be involved in penetration testing, which involves attempting to break into a computer system or network in order to find any potential security flaws.

The Tools of the Trade

In order to effectively use their skills, green hat hackers must have access to the right tools. Professional hackers use a variety of tools to perform their work, and green hat hackers are no different. Some of the most popular tools used by green hat hackers include port scanners, vulnerability scanners, malware analysis tools, and password crackers. These tools allow them to scan a system for vulnerabilities, analyze malicious code, and crack passwords.

The Benefits of Being a Green Hat Hacker

The primary benefit of being a green hat hacker is the opportunity to learn more about computer security and hacking. As a green hat hacker, you can learn the basics of computer security and develop your skills, which can be a great asset in the future. Additionally, green hat hackers are often able to find and report security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious hackers. This can be beneficial to the organizations that hire green hat hackers to test their security systems and networks.

The Challenges of Being a Green Hat Hacker

Despite the potential benefits of being a green hat hacker, there are some potential drawbacks as well. Green hat hackers lack the knowledge and experience of professional hackers, and as a result, may make mistakes. Additionally, green hat hackers may not have access to the same tools that professional hackers use, which can limit their effectiveness. Finally, green hat hackers may be seen as a nuisance by other hackers in the community, as they are not taken as seriously as professional hackers.

How to Become a Green Hat Hacker

Becoming a green hat hacker is relatively easy, as there is no formal education or certification required. To get started, it is important to have a basic understanding of computer systems and networks. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the various hacking tools and techniques can be beneficial. Finally, it is important to be willing to learn and stay up-to-date on the latest security news and vulnerabilities.

How to Stay Safe as a Green Hat Hacker

One of the most important things for green hat hackers to remember is to stay within the boundaries of the law. While testing the security of a system or network can be beneficial, it should never be done without the permission of the system or network owner. Additionally, green hat hackers must remember to protect their own systems and networks from potential attacks. Finally, green hat hackers should always use the latest tools and techniques to ensure their work is up-to-date and secure.


Green hat hackers are an important part of the hacker community, as they are eager to learn and hone their skills. They are also beneficial to organizations, as they can help to identify and report any potential security flaws. However, green hat hackers must remember to stay within the boundaries of the law and protect their own systems and networks. Ultimately, becoming a green hat hacker can be a great way to learn more about computer security and hone your skills.


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