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Kyiv braces for the possibility of its power infrastructure being completely crippled by Russia’s criminal attacks on vital infrastructure, Poland building a wall on its border with Russia and world leaders gathering for a global climate summit in Egypt. This and much more can be found in the Sunday edition of World News.

Kyiv threatens complete blackout

According to the Kyiv City Council, there is currently no reason to talk about evacuating the Ukrainian capital, but there is a risk of a complete blackout. Without electricity there is no water and no sewage. All possible measures must be taken by the local administration. A report from Lviv by Aleksandra Marchewicz, TVP World’s special correspondent for Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine continues to reveal weaknesses in the Russian army

Russia’s ability to manufacture weapons has been hampered by sanctions. That is why Moscow is looking for supplies in Iran and North Korea. But that’s not the only problem facing the Russian army at the moment.

Poland is building a wall along the border with Russia

Poland has started building a border wall along its border with Russia. A similar barrier on the border with Belarus was completed a few months ago. The installations aim to stop illegal immigration, which is often backed by Minsk and Moscow.

Remains of three former Polish presidents return to Warsaw

The remains of three Polish presidents in exile, previously buried in Newark-on-Trent, are now on their way to Poland, where they will be buried in the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw. The farewell ceremony was attended by Polish government officials, Newark-on-Trent city authorities and members of the local Polish community. A report by Klaudia Czerwińska, UK correspondent of TVP World.

COP27 conference begins in Egypt

Delegates from almost 200 countries meet at the UN climate conference COP27 in Egypt. Over the next two weeks of the summit, leaders will try to come up with solutions to climate-related problems.

Mid-term election campaign in the USA comes to a head

With the US midterm elections just days away, the stakes are high for both Democrats and Republicans. States like Pennsylvania will be crucial battlegrounds in this year’s crucial battle for the US House of Representatives and Senate.

Pope ends four-day visit to Bahrain

Pope Francis has just completed his four-day pilgrimage to Bahrain. During his visit he worked to improve relations between Catholicism and Islam. He also aimed to improve the situation of millions of Catholics currently living in the Gulf States and the Middle East.

Thousands of Peruvians protest in Lima

Thousands of Peruvians took to the streets of Lima demanding the resignation of President Pedro Castillo. Since taking power last year, Castillo has come under fire, has survived two impeachment attempts and is the target of six criminal investigations.

Ski jumping season opened with Kubacki victory

The Ski Jumping World Cup traditionally started in the Polish mountain resort of Wisla. The weekend’s biggest winner was Dawid Kubacki of Poland, who won twice by a massive margin over his rivals.

Guest of World News

An exclusive interview by TVP World’s Sascha Fahrbach with Anett Numa, Cyber ​​Defense Policy Advisor at the Estonian Ministry of Defence.



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