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This edition of World News focuses on a new military aid package to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian cruise missile attacks, Latvia celebrating the centenary of its parliament and independence from Russia, and the COP27 summit in Egypt, in which heads of state and government from 200 countries took part to discuss compensation for damage caused by climate change.

We also take a brief look at the US midterm elections with our special correspondents Don Arleth and Alex Sumlinski covering the current situation from Macon, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, respectively. Both states are important battlefields in tomorrow’s vote.

Only a few hours until polling stations open in the United States, where the midterm elections are held. Republicans are doing everything they can to win back seats lost two years ago, which will allow them to overturn executive orders. More than 40 million Americans have already cast their ballots in the early voting, but the fight continues to the end as candidates hold last-minute campaign rallies.

Dangerous incidents occur before US halftimes

The United States has witnessed a series of strange incidents in recent days as the country heads into midterm elections on Tuesday. While the motives of the perpetrators often remain unknown, some of the events seem to be trying to win a few precious minutes in the spotlight.

Ukraine strengthens air defenses with Western weapons

The latest batch of western air defense systems has arrived in Ukraine. Armed with these modern weapons, Ukrainians will be able to defend against Russian cruise missile attacks and hopefully carry out much-needed repairs to the power grid.

Kyiv is preparing for winter

Millions of Ukrainians are grappling with power outages and water shortages, while Russian airstrikes continue to batter the country’s civilian infrastructure. Our correspondent Aleksandra Marchewicz in Kyiv sees the plight of the local population first hand.

The Latvian Parliament celebrates 100 years

The Latvian Parliament celebrates its centenary. A hundred years after gaining independence from Russia, the country still lives in fear of Russian attack. Our correspondent Inese Sulzanoka is in Riga where the celebrations are taking place.

COP27 and climate negotiations in Egypt

Delegates from nearly 200 countries arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Sunday for the 27th UN Climate Change Conference COP27. Among other pressing issues, leaders will discuss how developing countries can be compensated for damage caused by global warming. This contentious issue is on the agenda for the first time since climate talks began a decade ago.

Korean escalation

South Korea and its allies conducted extensive joint air exercises in response to repeated North Korean missile tests. As Seoul is determined to meet any aggressive action by its northern neighbor with a strong response, the situation around the Korean Peninsula continues to deteriorate.

Hundreds of Serbian police officers resign in protest against the Kosovo government

Three hundred Kosovo Serb police officers gave up their posts on the country’s northern border on Sunday. The move was part of a protest against Pristina’s order to use license plates issued by Kosovan institutions instead of the former Serbian ones. Other professionals followed suit.

Guest of the world news

TVP World joined to cover the US midterm elections dr Kestutis Girnius.



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