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The US midterm election race is closer than expected, Russia announces the withdrawal of its military from the west bank of the Dnipro River, and Mark Zuckerberg’s company formerly known as Facebook announces the first mass layoffs in its 18-year history. This and much more can be found in the Wednesday edition of World News.

Georgia and Walker face off in the Senate vote in Georgia

Georgia is once again emerging as a key state in the struggle for control of Congress. Recent reports give incumbent Democratic Senator Warnock a very narrow majority over Republican candidate Herschel Walker. The report of TVP World correspondent Don Arleth from the state capital of Atlanta.

The candidates do just fine in Pennsylvania

The American public, now more polarized than ever, cast its ballot on Tuesday to elect the country’s next Congress, with majorities in both houses up for grabs. TVP World correspondent Alexandra Sumlińska reported in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the United States.

Who won and who lost at Midterms 2022 in the USA?

Polling stations across the US are closed and the preliminary results differ significantly from predictions published weeks before the midterm elections. Still, there were winners and losers last night who had a lot to say about the results.

The Russian Defense Ministry announces the withdrawal from the city of Kherson

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that its forces will withdraw from the city of Kherson and move to the left bank of the Dnieper River. The advance on the city has been the main objective of Ukrainian forces in recent months. The recapture of Kherson would be the most significant Ukrainian victory since the Battle of Kyiv in March. A report by Aleksandra Machewicz, TVP World correspondent in Ukraine.

Russia uses cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions

Russia is having trouble equipping its newly drafted soldiers. Moscow has been buying uniforms from North Korea, according to a Ukrainian news site, but it seems the former exclusive supplier is now facing some competition. Recent reports suggest that Turkey could be Russia’s new preferred supplier for military purchases and that the transactions will involve bitcoin to evade sanctions.

PM Sunak in hot water during PMQ

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faced a bitter Prime Minister’s Questions session today as he was forced to respond to allegations of appointing Sir Gavin Williamson despite recent bullying allegations. A report by TVP World’s UK correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska has more.

Russian human rights group Memorial still sanctioned

Russia’s most prominent and oldest civil rights group, Memorial, is set to shut down entirely, despite its appeals to overturn the previous court ruling. Memorial was considered by many to be the conscience of the Russian Federation.

COP27 summit discusses greenwashing

On Wednesday, the COP27 summit focused on the practice commonly known as greenwashing. Heads of state and government gathered in Sharm El-Sheikh firmly opposed the hiding of countries’ true carbon emissions figures, calling it nothing more than a farce.

Meta is laying off 11,000 employees

Facebook’s parent company Meta is laying off more than 11,000 employees as the company’s market value has plummeted over the past six months. The social media giant is experiencing its worst drought in history, largely due to its rather confusing focus on virtual reality.

The Route du Rhum yacht race begins

Several dozen of the most experienced sailors gathered on the French coast in Saint-Malo to start the 12th edition of the exciting Route du Rhum. The famous boat race only takes place every four years. Unlike most transatlantic races, all boats in this competition have only one crew.

Guest of the world news

Aaron Korewa, director of the Warsaw office of the Atlantic Council, was invited by TVP World to speak about the US midterm elections


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