World record in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, USA–That
The world’s largest entertainment McDonalds, also known as Epic McD and formerly known as Mickey D’s, is a McDonald’s restaurant in Orlando, Florida; the restaurant has a floor area of ​​1,800 m2; It has three floors and features a 22-foot-tall PlayPlace, over 100 arcade games, and a waving 30-foot-tall image of Ronald McDonald at the entrance, setting the world record for pitching the game
The world’s largest entertainment McDonaldsaccording to the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY.

“Don’t leave Orlando until you’ve visited McDonald’s for some of the world’s greatest entertainment,” he said reports. Enjoy your McDonald’s menu favorites as well as our chef-prepared custom omelettes, Belgian waffles, pizza and pasta. Let the kids explore the 22 foot high playground and our arcade with over 100 games.”

The world’s largest entertainment McDonalds, also known as Epic McD and formerly known as Mickey D’s, is a McDonald’s restaurant that opened in Orlando, Florida in 1976. The restaurant has a floor space of 1,800 m2, making it the largest McDonald’s in the world by square meters. It offers menus with options exclusive to the restaurant and not found anywhere else. A McDonald’s branch in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is said to be taller.

The world’s largest entertainment McDonalds has three floors and features a 22-foot high PlayPlace, over 100 arcade games and a waving 30-foot-high image of Ronald McDonald at the entrance. Opened in 1976, the restaurant closed for renovations in 2015 and reopened in 2016 as a converted building. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and offers a create your own menu.

“In addition to the standard McDonald’s menu, this offers
The world’s largest entertainment McDonalds offers over 50 additional items including brick oven pizza, Belgian waffles, bespoke pasta dishes, omelettes and additional items on the Gourmet Bistro menu, as well as an expanded dessert menu such as ice cream.

“Great restaurant for friends alike, went here with some of my buddies and tried these Mc spaghetti. Very good, I have to say the workers are nice too.

“What a fun McDonald’s. Offers something for everyone. Needs more vegetarian options though. I can’t believe they make pizza. The best are the refills.”

“I don’t usually go to McDonald’s, but I couldn’t resist this one. I could not believe itEva, how big this place was. We saw three busloads of students walk by and be served within minutes. The staff was excellent and the setting festive.”

“All I can say is WOW! We brought over 120 band kids from Texas for lunch today. We couldn’t reach the restaurant to warn them in advance but when we pulled up the managers were already forming up Everything went so smoothly and all the team members were kind and patient. I can’t say enough about how great our experience was. Everyone got their food quickly and had a great time! Thank you to all team members working today!”

“I was very impressed with this McDonald’s! We had to adjust our pasta and pizza orders. I added a cheeseburger in case my pasta wasn’t good. After ordering and paying we weren’t sure what to do and… a worker helped us get our drinks and told us to sit down and they brought our food to our table.The food came relatively quickly for being made to order.My pasta was on a glass plate with a cover to keep it hot. The pasta was good! I didn’t have to eat my burger. My kids and mom said the pizza was good too.”


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