Yubo Expands Real-time Audio Moderator Technology to UK, Australia and Canada • TechCrunch

Yubo, a live social streaming app popular with Gen Z audiences, today announced it is expanding its audio moderation technology to the UK, Australia and Canada. The Paris-based company first rolled out the technology in the US earlier this year in partnership with Hive. Yubo says while the technology is still in its infancy, it has proven effective in detecting potential real-world risks, such as violence against others or self-harm.

Audio moderation technology works by recording and automatically transcribing 10-second audio snippets in live streams of 10 or more people. The text is then automatically scanned using AI to detect problematic content, such as nudity or drug use. Yubo sends alert popups to notify users that they are doing something inappropriate while it is happening.

According to Yubo, only text containing words or phrases that violate the app’s policies will be flagged for Yubo’s review. Incidents are then investigated in real time to determine what action should be taken. Transcripts with no suspected violations will not be reviewed and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. Transcripts that are flagged and require internal or law enforcement investigation are retained for up to one year.

“Our expansion of audio moderation technology is not only a key element of Yubo’s ever-evolving security product roadmap, but a critical development in expanding the parameters of online safety across the industry,” said Marc-Antoine Durand, Yubo’s COO, in a statement. “There is still a lot to do in the area of ​​speech recognition, but we are proud to pave the way for our colleagues by being the first to introduce audio moderation with Hive and helping to make this tool more reliable and effective for this exam. “

Since its inception in 2015, Yubo users have met in live streaming rooms where they can socialize, play games, and make new friends. Unlike other social media platforms, there are no creators broadcasting to fans on the platform. Instead, Yubo’s main focus is to help users socialize naturally.

The company has managed to attract 60 million young users, which means there is a lot at stake when it comes to security in all aspects. In September, Yubo said it was almost ready to verify the age of 100% of its user base using age estimation technology. The startup originally started verifying the age of its users in May. By building a safe community on its platform, Yubo can encourage engagement, which in turn could lead to increased revenue.


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